Your Weekend Viewing

Costanza! I suppose if Seinfeld weren’t in re-runs, this TV spot for Google Wallet’s “first customer” would be obsolete. (via TechCrunch)And here’s @Pogue’s version of the first Google Wallet video spot:Disrupt the WorldThe Next Web dispatched a couple of reporters to the TechCrunch Disrupt confab in San Francisco last week. They hit the floor for an…… Continue reading Your Weekend Viewing

Meet the Media

Forbes “Mixed Media” Columnist Jeff BercoviciForbes media watcher Jeff Bercovici set tongues-a-waggin yesterday with his piece piling on an already beleaguered David Pogue. It seems that the consummate and always-entertaining gadget guy for The New York Times and elsewhere, like hundreds of journalists before him, agreed to participate in one of the many industry events…… Continue reading Meet the Media

College Rankings Game

A week or so ago, Forbes pre-empted the release of U.S. News’ annual college rankings guide by anointing Williams College, a small liberal arts college in Williamstown, MA, as the numero uno college in the nation.Now if only my hometown baseball team, owned by one of Williams’ more celebrated (and recently deceased) alumni, could retain…… Continue reading College Rankings Game

A Picture is Worth…

My buddy Howard Bailen directed me to a piece in today’s Globe & Mail that reported on a new study that showed “how the compensation of 1,500 CEOs of companies in the United States rose in the year after getting featured in the media.”The three key findings from the Univ. of Colorado B-school’s study:”A single…… Continue reading A Picture is Worth…