Along the Media Spectrum

PR pro Deirdre Breakenridge today tweeted a link to a recent Daily ‘Dog post by Jake Wengroff in which the global director of corp. comms. for Frost & Sullivan asks: “Does a WSJ hit count in the Twitter era? PR must now embrace a hybrid model…” “Hit,” “placement,” “earned media,” whatever you call it, few…… Continue reading Along the Media Spectrum

Forget Journalists. It’s the Algorithm.

As PR 2.0 twists and turns its way into PR 3.0, we are constantly reminded of our growing role as producers of content that drives awareness, opinion, and action.Cases in point: the Twitterization of the Skittles home page, the de-listing of one’s Facebook friends for the sake of a Whopper, and the first appearance on…… Continue reading Forget Journalists. It’s the Algorithm.

Bush’s Legacy Project

As I pen this, President Bush (yes, he’s still President) will take the podium at a surprise news conference in which he’ll presumably field questions (not shoes) hurled from journalists. He’ll certainly have a rich choice of timely news topics on which to opine given the unmitigated mess with which he’s leaving our next President.But…… Continue reading Bush’s Legacy Project

Media+Politics@Columbus Circle

What a great idea. Hand it to the folks at Time-Warner (and to Digital Hollywood’s Victor Harwood) for pulling off this impressive gabfest with many of today’s most prominent political pundits.As company CEO Jeff Bewkes noted in his welcoming remarks to the Time Warner Summit: Politics 2008, what better place and time than in The…… Continue reading Media+Politics@Columbus Circle