Socially Engaged

A few years back, my long-time friend, collaborator and sometimes client Rob Key of award-winning social media consultancy Converseon outlined how companies ideally should endeavor to engage the social graph.He called the process “cultural anthropology,” and by so doing, recognized that each social channel or community had distinct customs and a language of its own.…… Continue reading Socially Engaged

Being Scoble

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington’s observations of how his uber-socially networked friend Robert Scoble parses his time nowadays raises some valid questions about achieving the right the balance of ingredients for growing and monetizing one’s personal brand.Is it through more thoughtful editorial output, a wider (but admittedly thinner) digital footprint, or the attraction of legions of devoted…… Continue reading Being Scoble

PR-Less Pitches

Robert Scoble has a worthwhile discussion on his blog. It sums up how he likes to be pitched story ideas. Hint. It’s more geek-to-geek than PR to journo, with a little crowd-sourcing thrown in for validation. It’s also “PR-less”:This is the way I love to learn about a company.No, not from a PR firm.No, not…… Continue reading PR-Less Pitches