Media Relations Is Dead. Long Live Media Relations.

A few weeks ago, a senior media executive at one of the largest, most digitally savvy PR agencies shared with me a call he had with his top management in which they lamented the lack of media relations savvy from the firm’s younger professionals. “Shouldn’t there be more formal training,” they pressed, to which he…… Continue reading Media Relations Is Dead. Long Live Media Relations.

Sustainable PR

James Franco SurvivesIn a provocative blog post titled “How B2B PR will fail in 2011,” Bliss PR’s Elizabeth Sosnow pondered whether B-to-B PR could survive with the same old service offerings to which it has long grown accustomed.She observes that in the B-to-B space “The number of [trade] reporters is shrinking at an alarming rate.”…… Continue reading Sustainable PR

Where PR is Headed

Sounds like a Brian Solis post, doesn’t it? Actually, on Friday afternoon, I had a chance to preside over one of the last panels of the two-day PRSA Digital Impact Conference (#prsa_di) in NYC.We gathered a fab group of industry practitioners and prognosticators who convened under a session titled “PR 3.0.” (Please forgive.)In an advance…… Continue reading Where PR is Headed