Take the Bait, Pay the PRice

On this day when America honors its war heroes, we’re awakened to news of an “Israeli attack” on six vessels carrying “humanitarian aid” to the terrorist-controlled Gaza Strip. Presumably the decision by Israel’s cognoscenti to militarily confront this Security Council member-sponsored flotilla, was not made lightly…or was it?The Israelis no doubt weighed the PR consequences…… Continue reading Take the Bait, Pay the PRice

Rebuilding (Reputations) in Gaza

The news emanating from Israel’s former and once-again terrorist-controlled territory may have fallen from the front pages of the world media (barring today’s Times piece), but a struggle to prevail in the court of public opinion remains very much alive.The latest chapter revolves around the distribution of humanitarian aid — and which group can exploit…… Continue reading Rebuilding (Reputations) in Gaza