Crowdsourcing Paparazzi

SF-based private equity firm Hellman and Friedman snapped up Getty Images this week to the tune of $2.4 billion. This is after Getty spent years shuttering every independent photo agency in its sights.The Hellman and Friedman folks are a pretty shrewd bunch. I witnessed this first-hand when they privatized my former agency, then flipped it…… Continue reading Crowdsourcing Paparazzi

Getty Gobbles

We all know how much money an exclusive image of an A-lister out-of-context, or preferably out-of-control, can command from consumer-facing media.But the market value of the companies that intermediate between the shooters and the media came further into focus yesterday with news of the sale of Wire Image to GettyImages for…$200 million.The news release summed…… Continue reading Getty Gobbles