Media’s Fate: Platform or Publication?

PandoDaily’s intrepid New York reporter Erin Griffith set Twitter tongues-a-waggin with her piece drawing a journalistic distinction between news “publications” and content “platforms.” She questioned the editorial integrity of news sites that accept or are fueled by content from outside “contributors” (with supposed hidden agendas): “A platform which allows anything to be published with no oversight,…… Continue reading Media’s Fate: Platform or Publication?

New Media’s Movers & Shakers

Publicity Club of NY Panel on Contributed ContentLast week the Publicity Club of New York hosted a luncheon that featured a handful of editorial gatekeepers responsible for “contributed content” at their media organizations.Our panel included (l. to r.): Jessica Liebman, managing editor, Business Insider; Frank Wilkinson, Editorial Board member, Bloomberg View; Lance Gould, Executive Impact…… Continue reading New Media’s Movers & Shakers

Blogs Beget Broadcast

Years ago, when a story popped on a network morning show or evening newscast, invariably it had its origin in some daily newspaper somewhere. Any quick Factiva or Lexis-Nexis search could confirm that.And we all know those longer-form psycho segments on ABC’s “20/20” or CBS’s “48 Hours,” featuring some Lothario with many wives, some murdered,…… Continue reading Blogs Beget Broadcast