Friday’s Video Views

From Wall Street to Silicon AlleyHow Two Wall Street Kids Created A FAST Growing Tech Startup. (via @theBusinessInsiderTorch-erousBetween Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, the folks at RIM, home to the beleagured Blackberry, certainly have their work cut out for them to hang on to their dwindling share of the smart phone market. Here’s the company’s…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Embargo This

Nowhere is the demand for exclusives stronger than among the handful of media that control the fates of the latest and greatest personal tech products. From Pogue and Mossberg to Gizmodo, CrunchGear, Engadget, Mashable, and of course, the elephant in the early adopter room, TechCrunch.All invariably ask to be the first to break the new…… Continue reading Embargo This

Media Control

Rather than properly preparing their executive to deal with the most expected of questions, the Starbucks-fueled Apple PR staff swarms on the unassuming British TV reporter, with cameras still rolling, to demand a journalistic detour under the snarky threat of postponing the interview altogether, e.g., “we’re very busy today.”The folks at Gizmodo titled their video…… Continue reading Media Control