Planet PR Campaign

Why should he run for President? The man’s won an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Nobel Peace Prize for goodness sake. What’s more: all came his way without the extreme angst and unrelenting attacks that accompany a Presidential run.With those auspicious accolades under his belt, Al Gore now plans to shift into high gear to…… Continue reading Planet PR Campaign

Orange Not Green

I used to do some PR/community relations work for Home Depot. The work entailed helping the pioneering big box retailer gain a bigger presence in the New York market. As expected, area mom & pop hardware stores feared for their very survival.We were charged to provide all relevant parties with historical data on the true…… Continue reading Orange Not Green

Money Where Your Mouth Isn’t

Earlier this week, this blog echoed the report on the Pentagon’s intended hiring of an ABC-TV newsman to “show progress in Iraq” through “better press relations.”Yesterday, in a not-unrelated post, Kevin Grandia, writing on desmogblog, astutely pointed out how ExxonMobil’s words don’t gibe with its actions when it comes to the issue of global warming.In…… Continue reading Money Where Your Mouth Isn’t