Firms We Love to Hate

Lloyd BlankfeinJamie DimonPretty much anyone tooling in the PR biz is keyed in on the latest chapter in Goldman Sachs’ extended trial in the court of public opinion.James GormanWhat is it about this particular company that compels the media, regulators, legislators and general public to pounce on it at every turn?  Are Goldman’s standards and…… Continue reading Firms We Love to Hate

Twitter’s PR Poseurs

In 2008, when Twitter began its true ascent toward mass market penetration, I repped a very large financial services company that was under extreme media duress. This client had zero social media engagement (nor did its business model seem to require it).Sure, this company had the obligatory early morning internal email feed, comprised exclusively of…… Continue reading Twitter’s PR Poseurs

Second-Guessing Goldman

So Kwittken & Co’s namesake founder appears on CNBC to nudge Goldman Sachs’ beleaguered CEO Lloyd Blankfein to get out there more. Separately, Hiltzik Strategies’ namesake founder appears on Bloomberg TV to nudge Goldman Sachs’ embattled CEO Lloyd Blankfein to lay low.So which shall it be fellas???? And shouldn’t there be a PRSA ethical code…… Continue reading Second-Guessing Goldman

Lloyd & Vince: What’s Changed?

Two pieces broke over the weekend that make me wonder if the modern practice of public relations may finally be getting its just due. Or maybe the PR biz hasn’t changed as much as we’d all like to think.Both stories touch on the old and the new, the yin and the yang, the steadfast and…… Continue reading Lloyd & Vince: What’s Changed?