Friday’s Video Views

What is Google in 2011?On its blog this week, Google posted this video that attempts to capture its essence. Nicely done, I’d say. Why I Hate FacebookAs if Facebook didn’t have the Google juggernaut breathing down its neck with its boffo launch of Google+, a PR bi-product of a potentially competitive social network surfaces those…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Michiko Unembargoed

“All Things Considered” had a segment last evening on the hyperbole and hyper-security by Potter publishers Bloomsbury and Scholastic to keep the lid on Harry until 12:01am this Saturday. The publishers’ efforts are so intense (and threatening), it begs the question, “why?”I mean if the book or even pages seeped out, does anyone really believe,…… Continue reading Michiko Unembargoed

Saturation Point

The headlines seemed contradictory: “Shining a Light: Sometimes non-stop publicity is exactly what a hostage needs” – The Times of London (July 5, 2007)”The Gripe: Too much publicity is an unforgivable curse” – Baltimore Sun (July 6, 2007)Both reporters opined on the fate of two Brits, yet each viewed the advent of media attention in…… Continue reading Saturation Point

“Soon Be 7”

With instant global recognition and reverence, any news from Potterville (no not that one) merits media attention. In this case, it’s the unveiling of…(drum roll please) the PR and marketing campaign to hype the release of the final chapter in the Harry Potter series.Starting next month, news of Harry and his cohorts will begin to…… Continue reading “Soon Be 7”