Business Insiders

Business Insider EIC Henry BlodgetIn a previous post, I rattled off some of the myriad conferences one might attend for a glimpse of today’s media, tech, and marketing punditocracy. While client obligations have forced me to be more judicious in parsing where I spend my time, Business Insider’s Ignition conference, now in its third year,…… Continue reading Business Insiders

Someone’s Astroturfing Demand Media

The following two emails independently crossed my desktop this past week:Hello Peter!Kate here, and we’ve found an interesting infographic that I think you might enjoy. If you haven’t heard already, Demand Media has been in the news a lot lately. But just exactly why were they? Well, to enlighten you, or to recap all the…… Continue reading Someone’s Astroturfing Demand Media

Friday’s Video Views

De-Friend-NationI’d hate to be the Facebook user that late night ascendant Jimmy Kimmel calls out in his monologue this week. But few can argue with his point. Right? Kimmel has started a movement he’s calling “National Unfriend Day.” (via mashable.) Henry & ChrisBusiness Insider’s legendary founder Henry Blodget sits down (for 40 minutes) to chat…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views