Control & Authenticity

At least she didn’t plant reporters in the audience. (Think Gannon and FEMA.) As I ponder the early salvos of the swift-boating of Hillary Clinton, I implore her PR handlers to take extra caution in the conduct of her campaign.Over the weekend, my right-of-center buddy Ike gleefully twittered this left-of-center blogger with the “news” of…… Continue reading Control & Authenticity

From Arrington to Huffington

For as long as I can remember, certain mainstream media outlets had the catalytic power to set the national news agenda. We all know the dead tree outlets of which I speak.Invariably print begat broadcast, and certain print begat everyone else, except perhaps for that no longer reigning, yet still reasonably influential king of catalytic…… Continue reading From Arrington to Huffington

PR & Petraeus

When Sen. Clinton’s PR consigliere recently said in a New York Magazine piece that she admired the Bush White House’s skills of message control, I’m sure many readers were left wondering whether this was a good thing or a bad thing (this blogger among them).This Presidency has been the most opaquely deceptive in history. Still,…… Continue reading PR & Petraeus

Black Tie PR

From its outset, this blog attempted to ferret out the often obscured role public relations plays in business, politics, culture, sports, technology, media, entertainment and style. Some days, the headline makes that role quite clear; Others times it’s more subliminal.Two stories that fall squarely in the former category popped on the front page of yesterday’s…… Continue reading Black Tie PR


I really hadn’t read New York Magazine, well, since the days when my buddy,’s newly retired Scooper Jeannette Walls , penned the once-venerable Intelligencer column.I know. I know. Former Timesman Adam Moss has worked miracles in resuscitating the moribund glossy weekly. Didn’t it just garner more than a fair share of magazine awards ?Anyway,…… Continue reading Tight-Lipped


Not that we can expect the New York Post to give any Democratic candidate the benefit of the doubt, but Mr. Murdoch’s Manhattan mouthpiece has gone through extra pains to skewer one particular NY junior senator.Maybe it was that over-the-top “fashion” spread that first caught my eye during Fashion Week? The art department at the…… Continue reading Pay-Per-Pray?