Friday’s Video Views

MapnificentFor those who’ve attended a reasonable share of start-up showcase events — from the left coast’s (soon to be east coast) TechCrunch Disrupt and its nemesis Launch, to the city’s NY Tech Meet-up and Ultra Light Startups – you’ve no doubt witnesses a rash of aspiring companies in the urban transport space. In fact, there’s…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Doubting Thomases

Washington Post media columnist and CNN “Reliable Sources” host Howard Kurtz set tongues-a waggin today with his column echoing complaints that President Obama has purposely avoided the White House press corps in order to control his message:”Every president attempts to circumvent the press corps, viewing it as obsessed with process stories and “gotcha” questions. That’s…… Continue reading Doubting Thomases

The Final Spin

This blog has frequently looked at the succession of White House spokespersons over its three+ year run. A persistent theme centered on how the public faces of this administration — Fleischer, McClellan, Snow and Perino — have sold their souls to blindly advance the political POVs of their bosses.Most people today acknowledge that these ill-conceived…… Continue reading The Final Spin

Voodoo Doctors

How much influence does post-debate coverage have in determining the evening’s ultimate winner and loser?A considerable amount, if you believe the WashPost’s media watcher Howard Kurtz who today turned his sights on the “spin doctors” who were working their “voodoo” at Ole Miss following Friday’s stand-off: “Obama may have won the insta-polls after Friday’s debate…… Continue reading Voodoo Doctors

The PR Sting

Dave Henderson of the Making News blog has a pretty good summation of the brouhaha over a Harper’s magazine reporter’s deception-turned-expose .The reporter, posing as a client prospect, succeeded in luring some high-powered Beltway PR firms to take the new business bait for a most disreputable eastern European “Stalinist dictatorship.”The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz weighed…… Continue reading The PR Sting

The Media Interview

Chris Roush, who pens the Talking Biz News blog for SABEW (Society of American Business Editors and Writers), today shared the wisdom of two unconventional speakers at the organization’s annual confab.FBI agents Tony Caruso and Gregg Harmon gave the biz scribes in attendance their tips for good interviews:…be “good listeners” and avoid making “mistakes by…… Continue reading The Media Interview