Friday’s Video Views

MapnificentFor those who’ve attended a reasonable share of start-up showcase events — from the left coast’s (soon to be east coast) TechCrunch Disrupt and its nemesis Launch, to the city’s NY Tech Meet-up and Ultra Light Startups – you’ve no doubt witnesses a rash of aspiring companies in the urban transport space. In fact, there’s…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Master Curators

I enjoy sharing with my Facebook friends and Twitter followers noteworthy items culled from the voluminous number that incessantly cross the screens of my iMac, MacBook and BB. In fact, the act of curation in and of itself has become a contentious topic in the context of assessing editors’ changing roles in journalism’s new digital…… Continue reading Master Curators

Why Newspapers Matter

In the wake of yesterday’s news that The New York Times had captured five Pulitzer Prizes, bringing its total to 101 — more than any other news organization — executive editor Bill Keller offered the following: “It comes in a year when a lot of newspapers are on the ropes, it is a reminder of…… Continue reading Why Newspapers Matter