Video’s Rocket Men

“We’re at the beginning of a new paradigm, and you’re going to see a generation of really valuable content properties come out of this,” Brian Bedol, co-founder, BedrocketIntrepid WSJ reporter Peter Kafka brings us a piece today on the formation of Bedrocket, a new venture from three esteemed content guys with enviable track records. I’ve…… Continue reading Video’s Rocket Men

Friday’s Video Views

Tooling around on the Mashable site this week, I stumbled cross a section called Mashable Battles in which the site’s sociable editors pit two digital platforms, gadgets, smartphones, whatever, against one another. The latest battle asked readers to weigh in on the perennial leader in online video, YouTube, versus the upstart Hulu. Is this a…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

YouTube Killers

Who hasn’t come to the conclusion that digital video – whether delivered to your desktop, laptop, PDA or cell phone — is entering a Renaissance? Was it that proclamation from NBCUni’s digital honcho Beth Comstock who, as a former communications pro, inspires PR types everywhere: “Video has been liberated” [from the TV set]. I had…… Continue reading YouTube Killers

A Cacophony of Content

I’ve had MSNBC as my home page for five years, or more. It has served me well given the range of sources from which the news portal derives its 24/7 fare.One would expect to see a selection from NBC’s news programs, and its siblings CNBC, MSNBC-TV and the network’s local broadcast affiliates. Add to that…… Continue reading A Cacophony of Content