The New Standard

A few weeks back, I started to draft a post that in effect anointed Wired as the media property that has done the most to fulfill the unfulfilled promise left by the Industry Standard following the dot-com (and The Standard’s subsequent) meltdown.Wired, the magazine, website, and branded PBS science program, has its editorial fingers firmly…… Continue reading The New Standard

Pickin Fights

Back in the day, when glossy tech magazines reined supreme, I happened to represent the once pre-eminent publisher in the space. Our client expected a steady diet of non-competitive media attention for its portfolio of titles.To this end, during the Macworld Expo in Boston, we cajoled a couple of beantown TV stations to CompUSA to…… Continue reading Pickin Fights

In Another Life

Martin Heller today shared his underwhelming impressions of his first experience visiting Second Life.Under the headline, “PR in Second Life? Are They Kidding?,” his musings appear on the website of IDG’s soon-to-be Web-only Infoworld Magazine. Here are a few snippets from the tech-savvy reporter:”It still wasn’t a wonderful experience. ” “My avatar was surrounded by…… Continue reading In Another Life