Your Weekend Viewing

Stop…MotionAs the cool kids are “freaking out” over the Lytro camera, here’s a neat little stop-motion video courtesy of BitRebels (HT Steve Farnsworth).  Email Overload Tee’d Up With emails suffocating many inboxes, here’s a wearable creation to keep track of the madness. (via Launch):A Scottishman in New YorkYes, print still begets broadcast, or in this case, cable. Here’s a…… Continue reading Your Weekend Viewing

Apple’s Secret PR Sauce

An Australian economics professor professes to know the secret PR sauce that led to the “implausible” disappearance of Apple’s biggest crisis in recent years: “AntennaGate.” Surely you remember the hyperbolic iPhone 4 launch and the ensuing issues from a misbehaving antenna. (Thank goodness for duct tape.)In a fresh re-hash of the incident in Harvard Business Review (from…… Continue reading Apple’s Secret PR Sauce

Friday’s Video Views

Trend SearchIf search is your thing, you’d be hard-pressed to find two more in-the-know folks than Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts. Here’s a clip of the two of them talking trends in search. (Hey, where’s my pal Lee Odden?) HT @kevinokeefe via Search Engine Land. Dreams of BMWWe all know how great advertising creative can…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

iPhone vs. iPad a la Michael JacksonSo where does the Mac Air fit in this video scheme? (via mashable) iPhone Subway JamWho, I ask, had the misguided audacity to diss New York??? Four dudes jammin’ on the NYC Subway with their…iPhones (via TechCrunch HT @parislemon) Love this! Android Anxiety You all heard about $AAPL’s Q3…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views features David Pogue crooning about his iPhone, a clip on one remedy to bolster print newspaper readership, USA Today’s Jon Swartz at his first SXSWi conference, and a fresh old look at unintended acceleration.Here’s a sobering perspective of newspaper demographics and a potential remedy for preserving readership. (HT @steveouting)…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

A PR Nexus

Wasn’t it just swell of Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) to set up a video camera at today’s Google presser introducing the Nexus One, Google’s presumed iPhone killer?Midway through the event, I counted some 16,000+ people signed on to watch the historical event unfold. (You see, Robert, having all those followers can come in handy.)I just wonder…… Continue reading A PR Nexus

Apple Voice

If one were to guess which of the world’s most-watched corporations had the most command-and-control approach to its communications, invariably that Cupertino, CA company would rank right up there.Apple Inc.’s PR is legendary, less for its embrace of the new tools of the trade — and the transparency that comes with it — and more…… Continue reading Apple Voice

Apple Gift-Givers: Beware

I love Apple products. Oh sure, the battery on the iPod has had its issues, and New York’s most ubiquitous cell phone carrier doesn’t appear even close to foregoing CDMA for GSM, and thus, iPhone compatibility — no matter how much soldering takes place.Maybe it was the love affair we had with our very first…… Continue reading Apple Gift-Givers: Beware

Saturation Point

The headlines seemed contradictory: “Shining a Light: Sometimes non-stop publicity is exactly what a hostage needs” – The Times of London (July 5, 2007)”The Gripe: Too much publicity is an unforgivable curse” – Baltimore Sun (July 6, 2007)Both reporters opined on the fate of two Brits, yet each viewed the advent of media attention in…… Continue reading Saturation Point

Angelina’s iPhone Moment

Can the blogosphere crack Apple PR’s “Blue Wall of Silence” enveloping the iPhone?That’s the question the Scobleizer (Robert Scoble) raises today after getting the brush off by an Adobe tech he probed on the status of Flash for the iPhone.WebProNews picked up the post in which Scoble relates:”‘How’s the work on the iPhone version of…… Continue reading Angelina’s iPhone Moment