It Works Both Ways

Columbia UniversityYesterday, I made my way over to the Morningside Heights campus of Columbia University for ReadWriteWeb’s inaugural 2Way Summit. ReadWriteWeb, IMHO, ranks right up there with TechCrunch, GigaOm, Mashable, TheNextWeb, BusinessInsider/SAI and AllThingsD as among the most influential sites from which one can glean the freshest take on the evolving digital landscape.The first day’s…… Continue reading It Works Both Ways

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views features some eye-opening social media adoption stats, Scoble’s 15 Israel start-ups, Calacanis on FB privacy, words of wisdom from the PSFK Conference, and “Coco” at the Googleplex.This first video asks (then answers): Is social media a fad? Or the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? The growth of social…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Extreme Blog Makeover

I like Scoble’s new home. No, not Fast Company, but the extreme homepage makeover that the FC’s web design team created for Scobelizer. It’s nicely organized, pleasant to look at, and has many of the cool apps, widgets and communities that Scoble loves to extol through his multitudinous channels: “More and more of my time…… Continue reading Extreme Blog Makeover

Taking the Link Bait

Link relevancy is a term I first heard back in 1998 when a search engine company I represented prepared to do battle with a rising Mountain View company that had yet to command a mountain view.Today, of course, it does and much of the success of Google, the search engine, can be attributed to the…… Continue reading Taking the Link Bait