Four New Yorkers on Media & Technology

I had a chance to attend Digital Hollywood’s Advertising 2.0 confab these last two days — or at least two of the three keynotes that interested me. (I missed The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown.)Yesterday, Business Week’s Jon Fine took IAC’s eminently quotable CEO Barry Diller through the paces. Diller must have felt right at home.…… Continue reading Four New Yorkers on Media & Technology

Jules Bistro

Great turnout for Laurel last night at a very understated bar in the East Village called Jules Bistro. It was where she and Russ Baker apparently hatched the idea for Media Bistro, which Jupitermedia snapped up earlier this month for $20 million plus. (Headline: “Bistro Born in Bistro”)For those who don’t know Media Bistro, it’s…… Continue reading Jules Bistro