Content to be Content

Between spectating at high school sailing regattas and 9th grade and college lacrosse games, my weekends are pretty much shot.Even so, it’s over the weekends when I come across some of the more compelling content (I mean journalism) in the digital domain. Perhaps the weekend’s added leisure time allows the blood to flow back into…… Continue reading Content to be Content

L.A. Confidential

In the PR biz, especially among the media relations set, prospective clients and employers frequently judge one’s potential prowess by the girth of his or her Rolodex.For the youthful readers of this space, a Rolodex is a physical apparatus containing rigid, but flippable cards on which one registers, with pen or pencil, contact info for…… Continue reading L.A. Confidential

Too Much Credit

I stumbled upon a press release from one Lloyd Chapman, president of the American Small Business League, which alleges that White House’s PR operatives have killed a number of news stories across a range of MSM outlets. (Actually, it was Mr. Chapman’s name and the name of his organization that mostly were spiked.)At issue is…… Continue reading Too Much Credit

The Future of Journalism

No. I don’t have the chutzpah (I mean prescience) of a Jay Rosen or Jeff Jarvis to portend what that future holds. Nonetheless, Jeff’s observations posted yesterday (and captured in part on video by Rafat) from an OPA (a former client) event in London, coupled with Jay’s Surowiecki-esque approach to news reporting are worthy reads…… Continue reading The Future of Journalism

Community Organizers

Both Barry Libert and Francois Gossieaux (pictured left and right) were pleased by the turnout and enthusiasm for the inaugural Community 2.0 Conference held here in Las Vegas since Sunday.Barry, the CEO of Shared Insights, which organized the conference, and Francois, the founder of Corante and chairman of C20, shared their impressions of why online…… Continue reading Community Organizers

Corrective Action

So your client is dismayed by the tenor of a reporter’s portrayal of his company (or him). What course of action do you, the proverbial good client-service person, recommend he follow?A) Call the lawyers and seek legal actionB) Demand a correction (via the reporter’s editor)C) Submit a letter-to-the-editorD) None of the aboveActually, the correct answer…… Continue reading Corrective Action

The Committee to Unprotect Journalists

If you think American journalists are under government siege, their plight pales in comparison to the way Russia deals with its investigative scribes (or any other malcontent).They just murder them, or so it appears, based on today’s news emanating from that increasingly despotic regime.AP Moscow reported moments ago that Ivan Safronov, the military affairs writer…… Continue reading The Committee to Unprotect Journalists

Scribes & Shooters

I’m not obsessed with paparazzi. Though one couldn’t help but notice the $200 million that Getty forked over last week for celeb photo agency WireImage. (Would WireImage’s shooters even consider themselves paparazzi?)The paparazzi do however play an incongruously glorified role in today’s complex ecosystem of news gathering — especially when one considers the ever-widening news…… Continue reading Scribes & Shooters


Yesterday The Guardian reported on a new social media product called “Sway” that not only mines the online conversation, but purports to “influence” that conversation. Sherrilynne at StrivePR pointed to the piece.Sway’s makers at the UK-based marketing group Creston make no claims about lowering one’s cholesterol. Instead, the company’s “Director of Influence” had this to…… Continue reading Swayed