Nook’s Pants on Fire

Kindle FireIt’s not nice to mislead lie to one of the two most influential gadget gurus reviewing today. Well, that’s just what the inimitable David Pogue of The New York Times alleges proves Barnes & Noble did in describing its new Nook e-Reader, built to go head-to-head with Amazon’s much-ballyhooed Kindle Fire. NookWhat’s more, it’s…… Continue reading Nook’s Pants on Fire

Rock Star Founders

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs (photo: Reuters) A much buzzed-about piece in wunderkind Justin Smith’s The Atlantic titled “Steve Jobs’s Law” explains “Why Founders Make the Best Leaders.” It was accompanied by an iconic and familiar image of Mr. Jobs wowing the cult of Mac at one of his soon-to-be legendary product launch events.Author James Kwak writes: “Still, the conventional…… Continue reading Rock Star Founders