Extreme Mac Makeover

Several months ago, the buzz surrounding the Mac O/S was palpable. Just talk to any Apple retail store salesperson (or ponder store sales of $4500 per sq-ft. – five times that of Best Buy).This blogger inched out on a limb in October to predict that Apple’s computers would set company sales records in Q4 ’07.…… Continue reading Extreme Mac Makeover


A cursory glance at what some top tech industry analysts are saying about Apple’s new Leopard operating system indicates an evolutionary, not revolutionary boost to the Mac, the computer industry’s biggest market share gainer.Apple’s venerable product line may no longer have the same brand cache as its “i” siblings, but make no mistake: Mac sales…… Continue reading Leopard

Phoney News

Not unrelated to the item below, the folks at engadget posted a story this morning from a “tipster” reporting a delay with Apple’s iPhone and Leopard operating system until later this year.It took a while for Apple PR to quash the unfounded rumor. Could the department not have been monitoring “the conversation” as closely as…… Continue reading Phoney News