Friday’s Video Views

Bunny UntetheredOur friends at Mashable draw our attention to Energizer’s new wireless charger for various mobile devices, including that i-device. Now if only we didn’t have to use it as frequently. The Next Big QA week doesn’t go by without TechCrunch anointing some new technology or application as the next big thing. (Most have names…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

San Miguel on Jobs

Those I follow on Twitter are consumed today with the maneuverings from Macworld 2009 (absent a hormone-imbalanced Mr. Jobs).As Mack Collier wrote: “Twitter is constipated, can I assume that MacWorld is underway?”Dave Winer lamented: “Oh great. Garageband. I don’t use that either.”Ryan Block hit a tech bump trying to live blog the event from the…… Continue reading San Miguel on Jobs

Pickin Fights

Back in the day, when glossy tech magazines reined supreme, I happened to represent the once pre-eminent publisher in the space. Our client expected a steady diet of non-competitive media attention for its portfolio of titles.To this end, during the Macworld Expo in Boston, we cajoled a couple of beantown TV stations to CompUSA to…… Continue reading Pickin Fights