A Lost Year for PR Agencies?

Who can keep track of the myriad year-ending media and marketing predictions posts? If you’re like me and don’t have the time to sift through everything the pundits have prognosticated, here it is in one take:We have officially entered the age of mobility wherein smartphones and tablets have overtaken desktops and laptops for content consumption and commerce. Plus…… Continue reading A Lost Year for PR Agencies?

Super Bowl, Social Media and ROI

As this roller-coaster ride of 2009 slowly approaches disembarkment, many PR peeps continue to wrap their arms around the (soon-to-be anachronistic?) term/discipline/movement/phenomenon called “social media.” Today’s New York Times re-posted a post from ReadWriteWeb that captured some social media experts’s take on SM’s ROI: “In the words of one pro, ‘You can lead a horse…… Continue reading Super Bowl, Social Media and ROI

Social Media Round One

Volvo’s recent decision to hand the reins of its social media, SEO and digital PR programs to WPP’s esteemed media buying agency Mindshare has tongues-a-wagging and fingers-a-pointing.Brand Republic and others reported the surprising news that reignited the debate over which marketing discipline is best suited to deliver clients’ growing digital dreams.Mat Morrison, global digital head,…… Continue reading Social Media Round One

Notable 2009 Predictions

Some days this blogger feels like pontificating, while others, he’s prone to aggregating. Today is an aggregation day.Below you will find a smattering of notable end-of-the-year lists and 2009 predictions that should appeal to the media, marketing and social media set.By no means is it complete. If you know of others, please share.Peter Kim “(14…… Continue reading Notable 2009 Predictions

The Loudest Websites?

No it’s not a New York City subway map, nor some Google map mash-up. In fact, the image owes much of its graphic look to the Tokyo subway system. It’s admittedly an unscientific representation of the “loudest” 200 websites. An explanation (based on last year’s list) can be found here. The illustration arrived on my…… Continue reading The Loudest Websites?