Thin-Skinned Hippocrate?

No. I’m not talking about “Client-9,” but rather A-list blogger Mark Cuban whose actions this week prompted a letter of protest to NBA Commish David Stern from the Society of Professional Journalists.Mr. Cuban’ decided to ban full-time bloggers from his Dallas Maverick’s locker room. The feisty blogger explains his rationale (sort of) in a blog…… Continue reading Thin-Skinned Hippocrate?

Target PRactice

When the blogosphere directed its full fury on the poor, unsuspecting Target corporate PR operative for her comment last week that Target doesn’t deal with bloggers, most social media-savvy marketing types were all too happy to jump on the bullseye-bashing bandwagon.Personally, I agreed that the ill-advised comment/policy was/is extremely short-sighted, if not counter-intuitive. New York…… Continue reading Target PRactice

The NHL’s Jihadist Fan Base

This blog has reported on the realignment of media (and media relations) in an age where so many blogs have a greater capacity to give a story legs than their mainstream counterparts.Sure, Mossberg and Pogue in The Journal and Times (and on their own blogs) continue to exert considerable influence over the fate (and commercial…… Continue reading The NHL’s Jihadist Fan Base