The Bloomberg Files

Oh the irony of ironies! Leave it to Gawker to re-open the Bloomberg spying debacle with new revelations on just what client information reporters had access to. Gawker’s Nitasha Tiku is giving Hamilton Nolan a run for his money in the “make-a-splash” department though it’s doubtful she’ll ever match his proclivity for profanity.In her piece…… Continue reading The Bloomberg Files

The End of PR Spam?

I’ve been in the PR game for a while, and as long as I can remember, clients have judged and compensated PR pros based on their ability to build a positive presence in the media. This client-agency paradigm hasn’t changed much over the years, though the means for building that presence, and the nature of…… Continue reading The End of PR Spam?

Below the Belt

The WashPost’s Gene Weingarten is up to his old PR-bashing ways. No. He didn’t publish the e-mail addresses of those he intends to blackball for lobbing misguided story pitches his way. He simply and quite understandably pointed out how inane and “lazy” (to borrow a term from our long-tailed friend) some PR pros can be.He…… Continue reading Below the Belt