Pres. Obama’s Policy Base

Of the several sessions I attended at the Time Warmer Summit: Politics 2008, it was the last one, “The Candidate and the Media: Creating the Brand, Maintaining the Brand, Preserving the Brand” that held the most resonance for the PR/marketing set.It featured Mark McKinnon, vice chairman, Public Strategies, former strategist, George W. Bush and Senator…… Continue reading Pres. Obama’s Policy Base

Unfiltered Kool-Aid

Hasn’t the mainstream media learned its lesson? Didn’t the unquestioned pronouncements that led to this failed administration give practicing journalists sufficient reason to say enough is enough? Jay Rosen tweets us to a post on The Atlantic’s Daily Dish blog:jayrosen_nyu Sullivan: Until Palin gives a full press conference, cable news should stop putting her road…… Continue reading Unfiltered Kool-Aid