Missile Command

I’m sure the PR team at the U.S. Department of Defense would have preferred that its plan to manage the media’s portrayal of its “engagement” of that rogue satellite remained out of the public eye.It didn’t, and the folks at Wired’s “Danger Room” blog pounced on it with a post titled “Operation Rogue Satellite: The…… Continue reading Missile Command

Know Thy Enemy

When working with a bona fide newsmaker, PR counselors often have the luxury to choose which media outlets merit access to their client. The smart PR types are quite judicious about whom they court. The not-so-smart ones are under the illusion that more equals better — a strategy often best suited for B and C-listers.But…… Continue reading Know Thy Enemy

Below the Belt

The WashPost’s Gene Weingarten is up to his old PR-bashing ways. No. He didn’t publish the e-mail addresses of those he intends to blackball for lobbing misguided story pitches his way. He simply and quite understandably pointed out how inane and “lazy” (to borrow a term from our long-tailed friend) some PR pros can be.He…… Continue reading Below the Belt

Stuck in the PR Past

In taking the microphone at the Council of PR Firms’ recent Critical Issues Forum, co-hosted by Ketchum’s Rob Flaherty and Council prexy Kathy Cripps, I had hoped to balance the reality of agency existence with its social media aspirations.In a nutshell, the industry, including the largest independent, remains possessed, if not hunkered down by the…… Continue reading Stuck in the PR Past

The Buzz on Jessica

At first blush, it appeared that The New York Times was poised to pull an Alessandra Stanley/Katie Couric trashing of the former Jessica Sklar (aka Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld).Today’s piece opened with a list of allegations that included plagiarism, a soleful bribe of Oprah, and entrapment that resulted in Ms. Sklar landing TV’s most successful funny…… Continue reading The Buzz on Jessica

Chris Anderson: Unplugged

Lots of fallout from Chris Anderson’s (anti) publicity ploy earlier this week. Some of the more notable reactions:– The Guardian “Is Wired’s Chris Anderson Right to Out Lazy PR Spammers?”– From Brian Solis: “Dear Chris Anderson, an Open Letter to Make Things Right…”– And one inimitable PR veteran’s private (now public) exhortation: “Who wants to…… Continue reading Chris Anderson: Unplugged

The Long Black List

Since the dot-com days, the PR profession has suffered (and rightfully earned) its share of slings and arrows at the hands of the beleaguered (by inane PR pitches) tech journalist.How many more rants can we endure from the editors and reporters for Ziff-Davis, IDG, CNET, Wired, The Industry Standard, Red Herring? The answer is: at…… Continue reading The Long Black List