Paid, Earned & Owned: Revisited

Eighteen months ago, Forrester’s Sean Corcoran took a stab at an org chart to illustrate the new interactive marketing paradigm. Specifically, he attempted to further define terms popularized by several digital thought leaders for the types of media campaigns clients have at their disposal to advance their marketing goals, i.e., owned, paid and earned. Here’s…… Continue reading Paid, Earned & Owned: Revisited

Truth in PR

Sure it was dumb. And yes, the firm, and the industry in which it prominently resides, have paid a heavy toll for this unfortunate transgression. I’m talking of course about the recent firestorm generated by two former journalists, new to agency life, who email-pitched an influential writer to pen an opinion piece on behalf of…… Continue reading Truth in PR

Terms of Media Engagement

Rep Darrell Issa (R-Calif.)California wingnut Rep. Darrell Issa canned his PR guy today. The infraction? Sharing with a New York Times reporter emailed correspondence the press rep had with other reporters. Dumb!While the nature of the content of these emails remains unknown, the notion of letting one reporter in on another’s plans or interests remains…… Continue reading Terms of Media Engagement

Friday’s Video Views

The Mother of All iPad 2 Reviews…NotWith speculation and counter-speculation running rampant in advance of the now-confirmed Apple presser on March 2 to intro the iPad 2, The Next Web treats us to an early review of the best-selling product line…sort of. Apple watchers apparently liked this video judging from its 1.2MM+ views so far.…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

What Becomes An Influencer Most?

The other day, a newspaper reporter posted an item on ProfNet (or was it HARO?) seeking experts on how best to identify online “influencers” on any given topic. The reporter seemed mostly focused on the much buzzed about Klout and how well its algorithm scored such influencers.I dropped the inquisitor a note saying that I…… Continue reading What Becomes An Influencer Most?

Media & Journalism

(Via Politico)A-list blogger and digital thought leader Chris Brogan took the long President’s Day weekend to pen a post titled “The Future of Media.”Being one of his nearly 175K followers on Twitter, I was drawn to the post based on a single tweet of his. (Don’t believe the notion that Twitter is killing the blogosphere.…… Continue reading Media & Journalism

The 2011 Predictions Wiki

Every year, I attempt to aggregate some of the more noteworthy predictions for the media, PR, tech, marketing, mobile and social spheres.Here’s are my posts from 2008 “Notable 2009 Predictions” and 2009 “Desperately Seeking Social in 2010.” Also, I’ve done my share of prognosticating. Here were my predictions from each of the last two years.As…… Continue reading The 2011 Predictions Wiki

Friday’s Video Views

Brian Solis Talks Old and New Media I don’t entirely subscribe to the notion that traditional media is somehow irrelevant. After all, doesn’t the Twittersphere light up with RT fever when The Times or one of journalism’s mainstays posts a well-reported story? Still, Solis is right in describing the shift that must occur within news…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Twenty-Ten Soothsaying

OK I couldn’t resist jumping on the new year’s list-making bandwagon.Along with Brian Solis’s 2009 retrospective of the most influential Twitter conversations (via Klout), Robert Scoble’s top ten tech Twitterers, Scott Monty’s social media takes, Martin Langeveld’s compilation of media forecasts, and John Cass’s round-up of PR (I mean “engagement marketing”) predictions, among myriad others,…… Continue reading Twenty-Ten Soothsaying