Rogues to Riches

Now here’s a thought: could the over-the-top media attention for Don Imus ultimately boost his career prospects? Or did the curmudgeonly shock jock truly suffer a fatal blow (as this blogger predicted early this week)?Frankly, in thinking further about this oh-so-modern conundrum, I am beginning to feel that I may have been too quick to…… Continue reading Rogues to Riches

Nappy Imus

PR people love to play Monday morning quarterback. In fact, isn’t this the stock-in-trade of many PR bloggers (this one included)?OK. What else can be said about Don Imus’s eventual career-ending (my prediction) faux-pas? Unlike Jimmy the Greek, Mr. Imus apparently has a long, sordid history of racial and gender insensitivity. But the big question…… Continue reading Nappy Imus