Oscar’s New “Thank You Cam”

Seasoned crisis managers have an innate ability to predict probable outcomes of various gnarly situations. In “crisis preparedness” exercises, they attempt to anticipate all the “what ifs?” and then simulate communications plans to address each possible scenario.It’s a fair bet that many crisis counselors knew immediately how the Toyota recall might snowball into its current…… Continue reading Oscar’s New “Thank You Cam”

If I Only Had a PR Brain

MSNBC takes two reputational hits today: the first showcased the internal disgust over the cable net’s decision to lead its news report with one Paris Hilton.The second revolved around “Hardball’s” ratings-fueled ploy to invite a wacko, invective-laden right wing blonde that some have called the Britney Spears of politics onto its program, (which prompted one…… Continue reading If I Only Had a PR Brain