Newser Snoozer

A while back, I wrote about the virtues of my home page: The site drew its content from all sorts of credible journalistic enterprises, mixed in with original reporting and lots of video, and had the wherewithal to continually update the page throughout the day.Isn’t that the Utopian news model that Jon Landman described…… Continue reading Newser Snoozer

News Remade

Well my favorite news portal just made the first acquisition of its 11-year history. has acquired Newsvine, a site that aggregates both citizen and mainstream journalism into a news package driven by reader input a la Digg and Reddit.Of course with its 29 million monthly visitors, need only post this news — along…… Continue reading News Remade

A Cacophony of Content

I’ve had MSNBC as my home page for five years, or more. It has served me well given the range of sources from which the news portal derives its 24/7 fare.One would expect to see a selection from NBC’s news programs, and its siblings CNBC, MSNBC-TV and the network’s local broadcast affiliates. Add to that…… Continue reading A Cacophony of Content