Apple’s WiiPhone Shortage?

What else can one say about Mark Penn?Looking ahead to tomorrow’s Publicity Club of New York luncheon with Huff Post, Business Week,, New York Magazine Online and Media Post, I visited BW’s “Blogspotting” whose co-editor Stephen Baker will represent the McGraw Hill flagship title.My eyes turned to the videopost from Steve’s co-editor Heather Green…… Continue reading Apple’s WiiPhone Shortage?


News from wiki-land: the free and pervasive consumer-generated Internet encyclopedia plans to ask expert contributors to prove their credentials. How exactly? Beats me. Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales spoke via IM with The AP from Japan last night to confirm the plans, which were prompted by the revelations that a senior wiki board person, posing and…… Continue reading Wikinonymous

Life’s a Beach

I’m not a big MySpace fan, but there are plenty who are (for now). I much prefer FaceBook for my boys given some of the safeguards in place there.Relatively quietly (unless you consider a mainstream media outlet) the State of Israel has opened an outpost on News Corp’s dominant and youthful social network. And…… Continue reading Life’s a Beach