NYTM: Hackers & Coders Revival

Moderator Nate Westheimer at March 2011 New York Tech Meetup I hadn’t been to a New York Tech Meetup in several months, but there I was Tuesday evening down in NYU country opposite the still fenced-in Washington Square Park at the Skirball Center for Performing Arts (named for filmmaker and real estate developer Jack Skirball).…… Continue reading NYTM: Hackers & Coders Revival

New York’s Tech Scene

Few can dispute the vitality and promise of New York’s tech community after attending one of the monthly New York Tech Meet-up events. The energy was palpable among the sold-out audience of 850+ who nabbed a coveted ticket to visit NYU’s Skirball Center Tuesday evening to hopefully catch an early glimpse of the next Twitter…… Continue reading New York’s Tech Scene