Herb Schmertz & The Huffington Post

This blog periodically looks at the immeasurable contributions an impartial media make in a democratic society, i.e., trained journalists who ferret out and expose untruths and…spin. Maybe it was my PR work over the years for two news organizations, The Associated Press and The New York Times, that fortified my position.I’ll never forget standing alongside…… Continue reading Herb Schmertz & The Huffington Post

The Reading Room

We were gathered at our bi-monthly Boys’ Lunch at Michael’s last month when one of “the boys,” a very senior media-minded communications executive, looked at me incredulously when I said I actually read Bernoff’s Groundswell, Jarvis’s What Would Google Do, and Godin’s Tribes, among others.He definitely thought I was either drunk on the Kool-Aid or…… Continue reading The Reading Room

New Spin Spotter at RNC

This just in from the folks at TechCrunch: the Republican National Committee has named a “Director of New Media.” He’s former Microsoft and MSN employee Todd Herman who posted on his new role here. (RNC’s former top techie resigned earlier this month.)Well, I’m not surprised the red-staters moved quickly to fill that vacant slot. Haven’t…… Continue reading New Spin Spotter at RNC


Since the blogosphere is often a giant echo chamber, it’s only polite to give credit where credit is due. So Guy Kawasaki, thank you for tweeting a link to your Truemors post that in turn linked to YabBlog’s (inspiring) face-outing of those behind some of today’s biggest blogs.I thought it would be good weekend fun…… Continue reading Blog-o-Rama

Journalistic Embrace

The sobering news emanating from newspaperdom last week sparked new speculation on the future vitality of that medium. Profits were down (again), and online ad revenue, while growing impressively, just doesn’t seem to be able to replace lost traditional ad revenue.Nonetheless, the old media guard can’t be accused of complacency when it comes to embracing…… Continue reading Journalistic Embrace