The School Lobby

This post concerns lobbyists, or that beleaguered segment of the PR profession that prefers the moniker “public affairs specialists.”The “public” on which this group has its sights set tends to be government legislators and regulators at the local, state and federal levels. The Obama administration has sought to tighten the rules pertaining to lobbying (i.e.,…… Continue reading The School Lobby

Yellow is the Color…

Everyone Democrat, Progressive, liberal, and centrist observer of the machinations of the media, let alone a decent share of conservatives, acknowledge the role Fox News has played in advancing this administration’s failed policies, let alone its current efforts to advance the fortunes of those who wish to perpetuate this seven-year national nightmare.When the parent company…… Continue reading Yellow is the Color…

Pre-Empting Portfolio

At least the story broke on a sultry summer Friday in August. Most of the city’s movers and shakers have checked out to eastern shores to escape the city’s oppressive temps and humidity.But there it was — trumpeted on the front page of New York’s top tab in advance of the “news” breaking in Conde…… Continue reading Pre-Empting Portfolio


A quick Google search on the term “buzz marketing” yielded 1.1 million results. I bet few actually have the ingredients to the elusive elixir for generating actual buzz for one’s product or service.Opening a copy of today’s New York Post, there it was: the formula for generating buzz. It came in the form of A-list…… Continue reading Buzz-Cut


Not that we can expect the New York Post to give any Democratic candidate the benefit of the doubt, but Mr. Murdoch’s Manhattan mouthpiece has gone through extra pains to skewer one particular NY junior senator.Maybe it was that over-the-top “fashion” spread that first caught my eye during Fashion Week? The art department at the…… Continue reading Pay-Per-Pray?