Apple’s WiiPhone Shortage?

What else can one say about Mark Penn?Looking ahead to tomorrow’s Publicity Club of New York luncheon with Huff Post, Business Week,, New York Magazine Online and Media Post, I visited BW’s “Blogspotting” whose co-editor Stephen Baker will represent the McGraw Hill flagship title.My eyes turned to the videopost from Steve’s co-editor Heather Green…… Continue reading Apple’s WiiPhone Shortage?

The Price of Admissions

How many TV commercials do we currently see promoting Nintendo’s runaway video game machine, the Wii? Not too many given the player’s impossible-to-find status.The machines are so newsworthily scarce, some have accused the Japanese manufacturer of manufacturing the shortage. I mean what better way to drive demand, than by creating it? Or, doesn’t one’s desire…… Continue reading The Price of Admissions