Election Eve Round-Up

What a week…so many PR and media-related kerfuffles to ponder. Here’s a round-up:Frustrated Marathoners (Photo: AshleyKMayo via Gothamist)Q: Was it a good or bad PR move for Mayor Bloomberg to cancel the NYC Marathon?A: I think Mayor Mike’s instincts were correct. The comparison to 9/11 is apples to oranges. Too many peoples’ lives continue to…… Continue reading Election Eve Round-Up


Sauntering past the TV this morning, I caught Harry Smith and the CBS “Early Show” crew conducting an in-studio demo and debate over “double-dipping.”I knew right away what the term meant (being the true Seinfeld fan that I am). I also recognized the timeliness of the topic with the Super Bowl Game just three days…… Continue reading Double-Dipping