AA’s Travel Woes

New York’s LGA 12/26/2010Having just endured a Mother Nature-inspired nightmare vacation travel scenario co-starring United Airlines and US Airways, I find myself especially attuned to the foibles of airline travel today.The big carriers, in spite of some clever viral spots from Jet Blue, still don’t seem to appreciate their customers.Sure, who knew the NY metro…… Continue reading AA’s Travel Woes

Web 2.0 Expo in NY

I finally had a chance to attend one of O’Reilly Media’s Web 2.0 Expos (as opposed to “the more exclusive” Web 2.0 Summit) this morning at New York’s Javits Center –>.I choose to audit the panel called “Real-Time Marketing: Operationalizing the Use of Social Media,” which featured SM luminaries Jennifer Zeszut (Scout Labs) who moderated,…… Continue reading Web 2.0 Expo in NY

Four New Yorkers on Media & Technology

I had a chance to attend Digital Hollywood’s Advertising 2.0 confab these last two days — or at least two of the three keynotes that interested me. (I missed The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown.)Yesterday, Business Week’s Jon Fine took IAC’s eminently quotable CEO Barry Diller through the paces. Diller must have felt right at home.…… Continue reading Four New Yorkers on Media & Technology

PR Blogger Secrets

When you’re personally committed to post (almost) daily, there are times when the creative well appears to run dry. You resort to scanning your RSS reader’s PR and media folders for original posts, i.e., those that defy the blogging echo chamber.You scroll down your news portal’s home page for any interesting fodder. And finally you…… Continue reading PR Blogger Secrets