Video Vignettes

Did you see the story on the front/home page of today’s New York Times in which Brian Stelter reveals how some of the more prolific YouTube feeders can earn six figures in the process? “All he needed was a $2,000 Canon camera, a $6 piece of fabric for a backdrop and a pair of work…… Continue reading Video Vignettes

Spider from Mars

Remember the uproar over Beacon, Facebook’s effort to make money by selling to marketing partners the online purchasing habits of its user community ?Well, today we learn that Google, which purportedly rejects being “evil,” has introduced a search-within-a search function that lives and profits off of the websites onto which it leaches. And it’s not…… Continue reading Spider from Mars

Newser Snoozer

A while back, I wrote about the virtues of my home page: The site drew its content from all sorts of credible journalistic enterprises, mixed in with original reporting and lots of video, and had the wherewithal to continually update the page throughout the day.Isn’t that the Utopian news model that Jon Landman described…… Continue reading Newser Snoozer