Bus Stories

There’s something about buses that draw designated message-drivers from a wide swath of the PR spectrum. My first mobile PR experience entailed publicizing a large bus-like motor home outfitted with floor-to-ceiling, trompe l’oeil-style photographs on its walls. It showed the interiors of a typical Courtyard by Marriott hotel room.Marriott Corp. marked its first brand extension…… Continue reading Bus Stories

Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record

If you missed Kit Seelye’s take today on how one off-the-bus Obama citizen supporter/reporter could very well derail her candidate’s political prospects, it’s a most worthwhile read. For some command-and-control PR types, it should also strike a nerve.In a nutshell, the Obama campaign invited one Mayhill Fowler, a 61-year-old reporter for Off the Bus, the…… Continue reading Off-the-Bus, On-the-Record

Off the Political Menu

With a lot of huff and puff, the folks at the Huffington Post this week revealed the name of the Jay Rosen-inspired political journalism initiative that aims to give voice to a quasi-cohesive group of citizen reporters on the Presidential campaign trail (of which you can be part). From Arianna:”We’re calling it Off The Bus…… Continue reading Off the Political Menu