Paid Subscriptions to Twitter, Facebook?

Those of you who have taken August to heart and checked out of your digital information streams, a battle is brewing with everyone’s favorite real-time firehose: Twitter. It seems that the digerati’s lifeline is consolidating its power base by changing the rules that govern its API and specifically, third-party developer access to it.GigaOM’s Mathew IngramI…… Continue reading Paid Subscriptions to Twitter, Facebook?

Athletic PR-owess

With two public (relations) apologies — one major and one minor — now behind us, who in the PR-sphere hasn’t reflected on the “what if’s” of these now fading acts of contrition?What if Tiger hadn’t filled the room with friends and family (as props) but instead allowed in journalists to ask questions (versus delivering a…… Continue reading Athletic PR-owess

The Great Firewall

When this blog first visited the subject of how China would handle a sharply focused media spotlight, it recognized the immense public relations challenge that lied ahead for the Chinese authorities, the IOC, and their respective outside agencies.Thus far, the series of gaffes and misdeeds have by and large been washed away by the fluidity…… Continue reading The Great Firewall

Dan ‘n Liu

I got a kick out of seeing the Nautica sweatband on Misty May’s forehead, but others most assuredly weren’t too pleased. The Nautica folks smartly figured that NBC’s anointment of two-women beach volleyball to a prime time sport (night after night after night…) merited a small investment, and there you have it.Nautica trumps Nike, and…… Continue reading Dan ‘n Liu