Evan and Biz Verified

Nearly two years ago, my blogging buddy Ike Pigott called my cell with a brainstorm. Let’s start a service that offers to protect the branded identities of those using the day’s popular blogging platforms, e.g., Blogger, WordPress, Typepad… (Twitter was still a twinkle at the time and Facebook was not nearly as ubiquitous as it…… Continue reading Evan and Biz Verified

Rocket’s Rep

My old friend and former Burson-Marsteller colleague Gene Grabowski took the spotlight yesterday in a New York Daily News profile regarding his latest high-profile client Roger Clemens.The piece, which appeared on the sports pages of the NYC tab, cited Gene’s current PR specialty — sports stars behaving badly: “Grabowski is no stranger to ESPN; he…… Continue reading Rocket’s Rep

Search Engine Reputation Management

I constantly implore my boys to take their online profiles very seriously. A month doesn’t pass without my asking them to expunge from their Facebook pages any obscene wall posts and photos in which their “friends” tagged them in some state of unseemly debauchery, e.g., beer pong games or dubious attire.Fortunately, compared to others in…… Continue reading Search Engine Reputation Management

Twitter and Media’s Atomization

We all know about mining the online conversation and the value it has for individuals, institutions and enterprises trying to get a read on their online reputations.This increasingly vital PR function also provides an early-warning system for potential PR peccadilloes, as well as an opportunity to engage and catalyze brand evangelists.Yet, I sit here mesmerized…… Continue reading Twitter and Media’s Atomization