Friday’s Video Views

Fallon Does Sheen As if we haven’t heard enough from America’s fastest one-million-follower man, late-nighter Jimmy Fallon not unexpectedly. got into the act. Who knew Guinness had a record for the fastest to a million? (via mashable)Test D̶r̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶ RideEyebrows raised when Google last year unveiled the first automobile to drive itself. Mashable’s Adam Ostrow,…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

Good Reporting is Not a CommodityBeet.TV’s Andy Plesser catches up with Chris Ahearn, president, Media, Thomson Reuters, in Monaco (of all places). Ahearn is bullish on Reuters growth on our shores. (via @huffingtonpost)Staci SpeaksWhile we’re on the subject of quality content, the influential editor of paidContent Staci Kramer also spoke with Andy while in Monaco.…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views


In a previous post, I relayed the story of a prominent CEO client of mine whose name was unceremoniously commandeered on today’s popular microblogging platform. (Is there any other?)I was asked by my client to try to put the kibash on the rogue Twitter handle. I appealed directly to two of Twitter’s three co-founders and…they…… Continue reading De-trended

Spheres of Influence

The Wall Street Journal recently laid down the law regarding its employees’ engagement with the social media graph.In fact, most enterprises, especially news organizations, have refreshed their rules of employee conduct to include sections on what’s acceptable and what’s not in the indelibly incestuous worlds of blogging, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.But rather than spelling out…… Continue reading Spheres of Influence

The New Standard

A few weeks back, I started to draft a post that in effect anointed Wired as the media property that has done the most to fulfill the unfulfilled promise left by the Industry Standard following the dot-com (and The Standard’s subsequent) meltdown.Wired, the magazine, website, and branded PBS science program, has its editorial fingers firmly…… Continue reading The New Standard

Biz Beat Buzz

Few will argue with the girth of Conde Nast’s much-hyped entry into the crowded business magazine space. That hyperbole (along with some internal tension) fed the lukewarm reception the magazine initially endured from the abundant pundits who follow the media biz.But those in the know knew that S.I. was in it for the long haul,…… Continue reading Biz Beat Buzz

Free Content from Rafat

NWS-DJ: DJ Board Approves Sweeter Severance; 160 Senior Managers Now CoveredTW’s Parsons: Successful Digital Transition Would Make Time Inc. ‘Growth Business For A Long Time’ @ FOOA: Cost Per Action Ads Help Marketers Win Consumers’ Hearts, Minds And Wallets@ FOOA: How Not To Waste Billions Of Advertising DollarsIndustry Moves: Revver Shuffles Execs; Star Moved to…… Continue reading Free Content from Rafat