Take the Bait, Pay the PRice

On this day when America honors its war heroes, we’re awakened to news of an “Israeli attack” on six vessels carrying “humanitarian aid” to the terrorist-controlled Gaza Strip. Presumably the decision by Israel’s cognoscenti to militarily confront this Security Council member-sponsored flotilla, was not made lightly…or was it?The Israelis no doubt weighed the PR consequences…… Continue reading Take the Bait, Pay the PRice

First Writes of Last Rites

Al Jazeera – Several dead in Jerusalem attack. At least eight people have been killed and 35 more wounded in a shootout at a Jewish school in west Jerusalem. Agencies quoted witnesses as saying that two armed men entered the yeshiva, or religious school, and opened fire on Thursday.Reuters – At least eight people were…… Continue reading First Writes of Last Rites