Friday’s Video Views

NBC News Digital Chief Speaks “There are over a billion cameras floating around in people’s pockets around the world.” Beet.TV treats us to the perspective of Mark Lukasiewicz, VP for Specials and Digital, NBC News. Of course, this interview took place before the momentous events in Egypt this week, which showed, in spite of those…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Personal v. Corporate Brandstreams

I recently wrote about the conundrum of posting under your own name to serve your employer’s social media needs. We’re all familiar with our friend fronting for Ford and the man behind the @ComcastCares Twitter handle.Many recommend using a real person in order to make the engagement more human, authentic. While other minders of (mostly)…… Continue reading Personal v. Corporate Brandstreams

Being Scoble

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington’s observations of how his uber-socially networked friend Robert Scoble parses his time nowadays raises some valid questions about achieving the right the balance of ingredients for growing and monetizing one’s personal brand.Is it through more thoughtful editorial output, a wider (but admittedly thinner) digital footprint, or the attraction of legions of devoted…… Continue reading Being Scoble