OWS: A Sustainable Stage Show?

Occupy Wall Street Photo-Op (photo: Kathy Williams/AP)Since learning (and writing about) the Occupy Wall Street protesters’ pro bono use of a PR firm to ratchet up media coverage of their actions — versus their call-to-actions — I have viewed the movement with a jaundiced eye.No. I have nothing against the use of PR to help…… Continue reading OWS: A Sustainable Stage Show?

Just Say Nope

As Congressional Democrats struggle to muster the gumption to just say no to the whims of this wayward President, we have to admire one struggling 20-year-old camp counselor, who simply aspires to pay for his training in automotive repair.Here’s how it played out in the White House situation room:Dana Perino: Mr. President, great news! A…… Continue reading Just Say Nope