Social Overload

A year ago, I penned a post titled “My Big Messy Social Life” in which I listed the many social media channels and the varied degrees of my engagement therein. It contrasted with one I had posted two years earlier titled “Socially Engaged” where I described how each channel was distinct and thus required different rules for…… Continue reading Social Overload

Cool PR Tools

I’ve been tinkering of late with several tools for PR pros, and thought I’d share my observations. No I don’t intend to extoll the purported PR value of Pinterest. My ears did perk when I learned that the hyperbolic social-pinning site reportedly is now the biggest traffic driver to women’s magazine websites. Mashable’s Lauran Indvik…… Continue reading Cool PR Tools

Pinterest’s Growth Scheme: Genius or Sleazy?

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. Yikes, the noise is deafening. But will the latest social sharing site have legs? In yesterday’s fawning review in The New York Times, David Pogue cites Pinterest’s claim to be: “…the fastest Web site in history to break the 10-million-visitors-a-month threshold.”Fortune’s Dan Primack asks “How to slow Pinsanity. Nothing gets tech bloggers…… Continue reading Pinterest’s Growth Scheme: Genius or Sleazy?

My Big Messy Social Life

My social life is a mess. And I know I’m not the only one mired in the digital muck. Here’s the lowdown, which stands  in contrast to just two years ago:  I’m feeling pressure to bolster my presence on the red hot Pinterest even though the app (on Chrome) couldn’t find the image of Danny Meyer’s…… Continue reading My Big Messy Social Life