Rahm on the Rails

Rahm’s Listening Tour in Chi-town Some months back, I blogged about the content aggregators that I, as the proprietor of a percolating PR consultancy, strive to follow.I bring it up again since the subject of today’s post was gleaned from one of the PR sites I keep tabs on, even if the site’s master curator and…… Continue reading Rahm on the Rails

The PR Machine

As New York’s current governor languishes in a stagnant puddle of media and public criticism, The New York Times today describes his presumed successor as “a PR machine” who “has managed to steer clear of much of what is messy about Albany…”So what is the PR secret to NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s “61 percent”…… Continue reading The PR Machine

Political Hedge Money

Near the end of “Michael Clayton,” the lawyer played by George Clooney approached his boss played by Sydney Pollack with a document that would cast a long-time client in a most egregious and indefensible light. Pollack turned to Clooney and matter-of-factly quipped that he knew this client had problems from day one, but the law…… Continue reading Political Hedge Money

Truth of False

In a recent meeting with an environmental NGO, I was asked how far I might recommend the organization go to create news, i.e.., how outrageous or incendiary should their statements or actions be in order to garner headlines? I admitted that sometimes it’s necessary to create a little theatre to break through the clutter. But…… Continue reading Truth of False